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See how the story ends...

Forever Marked.jpg

...harmony and peace can be found when three destinies are one. 

Emelia thought claiming her caster mate, Ronan, would bring her one step closer to the peaceful life she craves. She couldn't have been more wrong. Her mates are at each other's throats, and she hasn't been able to communicate with her father for weeks, not to mention that they are once again in hiding after the latest Council attack. No, her life is far from peaceful. 

The prophecy states that Emelia will be the one to free them all; to bring harmony to the chaotic and divided supernatural community, but she knows she can't do it alone. She will need to trust her allies, old and new, as well as herself and her mates. But when the dust settles, will it be enough? Can she defeat the ruling Council and save the ones she loves? 

The end of the prophecy is here, but is Emelia strong enough to be the savior she's meant to be?

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