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Some people think that fairies grant wishes. Others think they are tiny tricksters. I’m here to tell you that they’re all wrong. Fairies live among you and look like everyone else… that is when they’re hiding their wings. They work alongside you, healing the sick, feeding the poor, and doing good for all of mankind with the use of magic.

How do I know?

I am one.

But people don’t see the good that I do, they only see the evil fairy that I’m painted as. The King of Hollowforest told others that I’m evil, cruel, a sorceress, all because I didn’t give him what he wanted… me. Of course, everyone believed him, a noble king and not the lowly servant.

So when the queen gives birth to a girl, and I am spurned once more, well, a fairy can only take so much.

He wanted me to give the child a gift, but will he be able to handle it?

Time to become the evil fairy they all think I am.

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