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marked by blood-rinna ford-book

An accursed child of earth and fire, bathed in blood on the darkest of nights…

The supernatural society lives by two laws.

Don’t tell humans about their existence.

Don’t mix the races.

Rule number one is easy enough to follow, but rule number two...well, it’s a lot harder than it seems for someone like Emelia. Her mother being caster and her father, a dragon shifter, makes her the exact thing that the Council has outlawed against. Persecuted and hunted for what she is, she has no choice but to go on the run.

Now with the help of her shifter mate, Xander, Emelia is searching for the only person that can help her in her greatest time of need. But she soon learns that the help she sought really isn’t the help she needs and that her hopes and dreams don’t matter when fate has other plans.

With peace slipping through her grasp, will Emelia be able to thrive in the chaos, or will she succumb to its darkness?

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