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Curse Marked-Rinna Ford (Book One).jpg

She doesn’t know anything about herself before the age of thirteen. Even the name she now answers to is not her own, but that isn’t the strangest thing about her.

Anne Smith was found on the steps of a homeless shelter with no memory of her life before that moment and a small tattoo-like mark in the center of her back that has grown and changed with each new moon. It’s been almost fifteen years, and the mark now covers almost every inch of skin on her back.

With good reason, it’s impossible for her to let anyone in, to let anyone get close. Who would believe that her mark burns itself into her skin every twenty-eight days, leaving it larger than before? But, what if there was not only someone who believes her but has the answers to the questions that she desperately wants to ask? Would she finally be able to let people in?

The mark is almost complete. What will happen when there’s no more room left to grow?

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